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Simple skull tattoo drawing | Skull Tattoo Designs

I like to dip my white potato in my chocolate shake at alimentation joints. I conjointly place sauce on everything from pizza pie to macaroni and cheese. What will this have to be compelled to do with tattoos, you ask? as a result of, what one person finds appealing, another might not. Personally, I don’t realize skulls tattoos up to my tastes. even so, there area unit numerous types of bone tattoos, and also the styles, that apparently, some individuals DO like them! I even have come upon skulls etchings with strange-looking bosie, cartoon eyes, still as skulls with nothing however emptiness within the sockets. Some are encircled by vines and thorns (with banners of written words below the skull). Most appear to be encircled by flames, as if the bone popped out of the blaze. (Think of St. Nicholas confine Ghost Rider!)

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